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I have tried to include on this page, all of the information most commonly asked for by parents.  Some of the items below lead to their own pages, others lead to common answers found on the bottom of the page.  Please feel free to e-mail me and ask other general questions if they are not addressed here!   

A special note: From time to time in class, the students will be grading and evaluating each others work, so that there is immediate feedback on problem sets, and notes quizzes.  (They are, of course, graded by me as well...)  If this is a problem, please make a note on your child's internet scavenger hunt form. :)  

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Study Tips for IPC

When is the homework or project due?

My child came home with an unacceptable progress report HELP!

How can I know when homework or projects are due?

There are two basic places that you can check for this information.  I have listed them below so you can choose what is easiest for you.

Option One: On my front board, I have written out the next two weeks of assignments which will be due in my classroom.  Your child should copy that down and update it every Monday.  So first place to check would be their tracker or agenda.

Your child's Tracker 

Option Two: I have also tried to make it a bit easier by posting this same information from the 2 week planner on the board, here on line.  There are two pages set up, one called this week, and one called next week.  You can also use those links.

This Week

Next Week

Option Three: (Projects) If you need to know when projects are due, or even more information specifically on projects, visit one of two places:  for the dates, you can visit the project page by clicking on the project name in the year at a glance chart (or for your ease, on the link on the right).  Or, you can go to helpful links and choose the project you need more information on.


Year at a Glance

Newton in the News
Mousetrap Cars
Famous Scientist
Ceiling Square
Musical Instrument
Energy Conservation 
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What is the Grading System for I.P.C.?:

It is a percentage System: 

Labs: Most labs take on to two days to complete, and the write-ups are often due two to three days after the lab is done in class to give the students time to answer the follow-up questions and create their conclusion. 30% of Total Grade
Homework Classwork These are usually problem sets, or practice sheets about what we are working on in class. There is very little homework, or busy work in class.  If your child has homework in this category, it may is usually in Chemistry when we are just starting reactions and they need lots of practice.  20% of Total Grade
Tests: There is a test or Quest (more than a quiz, not quite a test) for each unit.  The tests are more points and a bit longer than Quests.  Students are allowed two days on all of these evaluations.  They must complete the main part of the evaluation on the first day, but can leave the essay for the second day if necessary.  Click for hints on :Studying for Test/Quests 20% of Total Grade
Quizzes: The high school K- Level biology teachers are going to require their students to be able to read a chapter in the biology book, take notes and be able to pass a quiz on the information.  I begin the IPC students with this at the start of the year.  They can use their notes on these quizzes. (they always have 2 weeks notice as well to prepare, see the schedule to be sure of dates of upcoming quizzes.) part of homework/classwork 20%
Projects: Projects are the most points for each 6 weeks.  They vary in their total and are based on the rubric which all of the students receive when we discuss the project we are going to be starting on.  All of the rubrics are also available here on line (click on the link you would like to know more about on the right), so you can always double check what point values correspond with what parts. :)  For each rubric, there is also a question and answer section so you can get all of your individual questions answered about the project qualifications. 30% of Total Grade
Newton in the News
Mousetrap Cars
Famous Scientist
Ceiling Square
Musical Instrument
Energy Conservation
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When are tutorials and what do I need for my child to stay?:

I try to be as flexible as possible for tutorials because I know the eighth graders are involved in so many activities after school.  

Guaranteed day: Science's Test day is Wednesday this year, which determines our tutorial day.  Your child is guaranteed I will be available on Tuesday (unless there is a staff meeting or district meeting which I cannot miss, in which case, I let the students know as soon as I do. :) Tuesday PM
Other Days: I am available for am tutorials on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Just let me know a day ahead of time! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday AM
Necessary Items: In order for your child stay, I do have to have some kind of confirmation that it is ok with you that they remain.  Every year I have some parents who send me a note at the beginning of the year which states it is ok for their child to stay anytime as long as they phone.  You can also call me and leave me a voice mail, or send me an e-mail (at school <click here to do so>) which states that it is ok for your child to stay.  a note
a phone call / 

voice message

an e-mail
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What materials will my child use in class (or need to be successful) ?:

Really it is very basic:  

100 hard cover composition book These are needed for the labs.  Students will be writing all lab write-ups, questions and graphs in this notebook.  It should remain in the classroom. Labs
70-100 page notebook These are needed for all the notes they are going to take in class and at home.  It is best if it is spiral so they can hold on to it for the end of the year final exam. Notes
Small 4x5 notebook This is what I call the Q.o.D. notebook or science log.  In this little notebook, they will record all their warm-ups.  We go over warm-ups in class so this notebook holds questions and (correct) answers.  It is invaluable when it comes to studying for class. Warm-Ups
Folder To house all of the assignments given back to them be they labs, problem sets or projects.  A place to gather materials so that they have them to study. 
IPC Book I call it the CPO book (after the publishers).  For the most part, I tell them to take their book home and go ahead and leave it there until we need it in class.  They use the book at home far more than we do here at school.  Its main purpose is to take notes, and read ahead so they are ready to discuss what we are talking about in class. Notes at home for class discussions and quizzes
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