Low grades!


Usually a low grade can be attributed to one of two factors:

1.  Missing work / work not turned in

In order to combat this students can do one of many things: they should check their time trackers which tells them what assignments are due each day.  They could also look at the chalk board when they come into class, there is an area called "Turn in" which tells them what they need to turn in that day.  They also can turn in assignments early if they finish them early.  Usually twice a six grades, a list is posted telling the students of assignments which they are missing.  If students are not turning in work because they do not understand the material, then perhaps they need to stay for tutorials during the week.  (Simply send them with a note.)

2.  Low quiz grades on the notes taken at home

Students are asked to take notes over various sections of the book that we will be covering and discussing in class.  The students then take a quiz over the notes they should have taken.  If they are receiving low grades on these quizzes, it usually indicates they are not taking the notes ahead of time, and therefore, not prepared for our discussions.  If they are taking notes and still doing poorly, then I would suggest they stay for tutorials one day and I will go over ways to take good notes for science. 

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